• 9.50

    Tuna Niçoi­se

    Char­gril­led fresh tuna steak (ser­ved medi­um rare) on clas­sic Niçoi­se salad with French beans, cher­ry tomatoes, black olives, pep­pers, new pota­toes, egg, baby gem let­tuce and red onion

  • 12.50

    Fish Par­men­tier

    Cod, had­dock, prawn and sal­mon in a crea­my white wine and leek sau­ce, top­ped with mash pota­to and Gruyè­re cheese

  • 13.95

    Esca­l­o­pe de Veau

    Sau­téed brea­ded veal esca­l­o­pe with water­cress, lemon and veal jus.

  • 10.95

    Chi­cken and Wal­nut Salad Should to try

    Char­gril­led chi­cken with avo­ca­do, baby gem let­tuce, baby spi­n­ach, shal­lots, French beans, wal­nuts, crou­tons and a mus­tard dressing

  • 14.50

    Roast Duck Breast Exquisite taste

    Roas­ted duck bre­ast (ser­ved pink) with gra­tin pota­to and a griot­ti­ne cher­ry sauce

  • 13.50

    Roas­ted Pork Belly

    Pan roas­ted pork bel­ly with gra­tin pota­to, brai­sed Savoy cab­ba­ge, app­les, thy­me and cal­va­dos jus

  • 13.95

    Bre­ton Fish Stew

    Pan roas­ted had­dock fil­let wrap­ped in smo­ked French bacon with pea purée and toma­to and chi­ve vinaigrette

  • 12.95


    tuna, red oni­on, caper, moz­za­rel­la, toma­to sauce

  • 7.50 / 12.00

    Goa­ts Cheese Salad

    • Small - 7.50
    • Medium - 11.50
    • Large - 12.00

    Warm goa­ts cheese and roas­ted vege­ta­ble salad with black oli­ve tape­na­de crostini